Who is


Male stripper is an artist, dancer, showman and actor all-in-one. There are rumours, there is no striptear as striptear. Stripteasefrom our offer is exceptional and every striptear is  specific in something else. We believe that any of you will come on it`s own and choose exactly by your wishes.

How to?

You choose date and approx. Time, when you would want this„gift/surpise“ on farewell from freedom/party. We find outavailability of striptear and right in that moment We send youprice offer for striptease. After adjustment is concludingdetails (dress or special offer). Subsequently You have to fillout form on our website, which We will check out and agree.

Music turns on and stripper comes… Show includes dancing, acrobatic and erotic elements..It`s funny, playful and mainly exciting. There is used different tools for example: oil, ice, water, vibrator, hot wax, etc. During Show male stripper is dedicating mainly to a bride/honoree, but he engages also audience to programme.

Striptease show lasts 9 – 12 minutes, sometimes longer. Whereby better audience and mood, thereby better probability, that will be also extra song.